Welcome to F.I.DA.H

F.I.D.A.H is a tribe dedicated to transforming lives through MIND, BODY & ENERGY elements. We connect wellness tools, and experts to generate value, reprograming you to living your most authentic and extraordinary life. The concept is founded upon emotion-physiology-energy that creates human philosophy: Unleash the true self by control of your emotions, wisdom of your body, and energetic spark to your spirit. 

We invite our tribe to share with themselves using the F.I.D.A.H triangle: MIND to create an extraordinary mindset, BODY to self-express through movement, and ENERGY to nourish your soul.  Once you let your true essence stimulate your triangle elements, you can contribute to the world authentically!



Strengthen your confidence by taking control of your emotional states


Awaken and reunite with your body through self-expression


Sustain your energy levels by intuitive food choices and mindful rest



Have you ever asked yourself—how can I control my emotions? How to be more confident in my skin? How can I be energized? Imagine yourself empowered to achieve your highest potential and live an extraordinary life sharing your journey with others!

Jakub Fidah, the Founder, created F.I.D.A.H as a practice to tap into our true potential and unique reflection to these questions. Every day is another opportunity to learn out there.  Jakub dedicated his life to understanding human behaviour and finding the connection between our emotional states, movement, and nutrition. Over the years, he focused on those areas and studied the unlimited potential we can unlock by stimulating them equally. Through this journey, he designed the most effective and sustainable way to feel empowered and contribute to others lives; We are designed to add value to other people lives and become valuable, in order to achieve it: We must work on ourselves – controlling our emotional states, moving our bodies, and sustaining energy levels by nourishment. The life you have been waiting for exist within you; It is time to embrace it!

Jakub Fidah, Founder


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