Practice tapping into your true potential, and you will receive the greatest gifts the universe has given you. Waking up every day is truly a blessing and another opportunity to learn out there. I am dedicating my life to understanding human behaviour and finding the connection between our emotional states, movement, and nutrition. Over the years, I have focused on those areas, studying the unlimited potential we can unlock by stimulating them equally. Through this journey, I have met unbelievable human beings who inspired me to design the most effective and sustainable way to feel empowered and contribute to others lives. I genuinely believe that: We must work on ourselves – controlling our emotional states, moving our bodies, and sustaining energy levels by nourishment. I love working with people towards an empowering purpose, and I genuinely believe that every human being adds something unique to the communities. Some people need more coaching to crystalise the vision followed up by action. That is why we would love to create the space to do that here at F.I.D.A.H, and together we are powerful and unstoppable towards shaping up the human values and abundance of living.




I uniquely connect intuitive energetic nourishment with plant-based food and mindful rest. As far as I remember, I was a very explorative, sensitive human being with love for food, science and nature. I have experienced myself, and I have seen my family members, especially females struggling with food, body image and freedom of authentic self-expression. My family has a history of working in health care systems, and despite this, I have seen my loved ones suffer from many chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, even cancer. I have always thought this could not be the case, as I believe in prevention and healing with holistic, sustainable lifestyle changes. Therefore, I have studied BSc Human Nutrition, Sleep Education and Mindfulness practices, and I continue to do so. I firmly believe that our birthright is to nourish our bodies, make peace with food, and honour our rest from a place of self-love. I share with my clients the connection of love, inspiration and elevation of energy. My biggest passion is to see clients choosing and living in the sovereignty of their lifestyle choices, which influences their health and wellbeing, the collective and planet Earth.




Fitness and food have always been passions of mine. I always felt self-conscious about my own body and used exercise as a tool to justify eating what I wanted. Whilst studying for my degree in BSc Sport and Exercise Science, I noticed that this was an unhealthy relationship I had between food and exercise and that many people do the same thing. I have decided to complete the Personal Training qualifications, and start making myself feel better about my health & wellbeing. After graduating, I worked in several healthcare roles within the charity, public and private sectors. Through their weight management journeys, I have supported toddlers and their families, senior citizens, and people with clinical needs. By being a personal trainer, I feel this is my way to share and make a difference to people’s lives and lifestyles who may be struggling with weight loss, finding love for exercise, or having an unhealthy relationship with food or exercise. The main reason I love being a Personal Trainer is the confidence improvement I see within my clients and being able to play a part in supporting someone to improve their health and many aspects of their life.




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